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Employment law

The employment law team has extensive skills in dealing with any problems associated with individual and collective employment and social security law. It acts in French and English.

It supports its clients on a day-to-day basis to structure and implement pragmatic solutions that meet their operational employment needs.

The main areas in which we work are collective employment relations (IRPP (personal income tax), CSE (Works Council), UES (joint cooperatives), group committees, restructuring, collective agreements, employee savings plans) and individual employment relations (contracts, employment law for directors, delegations of powers, management of national and international mobility, terminations), and social security law
(health problems at work and relations with URSSAF (social security))

Our interaction with the other departments in the firm means that we can also act in criminal employment law and compliance.

In addition to providing legal advice and litigation before all courts, we organise tailor-made training for businesses.

We have a network of contacts in Europe, Africa and on the American continent.

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